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About Us


As a General Practice management company, Compass Medical Group believes it is their role to support the GPs and staff who are in turn able to support their patients and local communities.

How do we believe this is achieved?

  1. Hire the best possible team.
    We seek to recruit and retain good quality GPs, nurses, managers and receptionists. This can only be achieved by rewarding people both financially and emotionally. We give our team an opportunity to learn and develop, as well as always valuing their feedback.
  2. Provide the best possible technology, equipment and facilities.
    Of course there is a need to be mindful of cost, but we believe GPs need to not only have facilities and equipment that works, but also is a pleasure to work with! With that in mind, Compass Medical Group strives to be at the forefront of the use of technology to improve patient outcomes and efficiencies in General Practice.
  3. Be flexible, understanding and build relationships over time.
    Relationships should be based on trust and should aim towards mutually beneficial outcomes. Honesty and integrity are paramount.
  4. Never rest.
    We listen to people, and value their opinions. We are flexible and we constantly looking for opportunities to improve our services.


Karen Gerzenstein – CEO
BFA (Melbourne), MBA (Monash)

Karen has extensive experience and proven expertise in the establishment and operation of General Practice clinics. Prior to establishing the Compass Medical Group, Karen played an integral role in the sustained growth and development of Allied Medical Group prior to its sale to IPN (Sonic Healthcare) in 2011. Karen established Compass Medical Group in 2012 and completed her MBA (Monash University) in 2013. Karen is passionate about continuous improvement through building and sustaining quality relationships with health professionals.